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Casement Windows are a vanilla option that adds a fine look to your house while being extremely flexible; opening to either the  left or right up to 90 degrees. They provide a splendid view, plenty of ventilation and have an easily removable screen for simple cleaning.

Hung​ Windows are a traditional and stylish option for anyone looking for a more classic look. They typically open from the bottom with a half screen but there are many different variants for those looking to be a bit more adventurous.


Awning Windows can accommodate any home seamlessly and have an defensive shield that prevents rain from entering. Hinged at the top, they open from the bottom up to 45 degrees allowing air to circulate the room without fear of unexpected showers.

Bay​ Windows are versatile and extend out of the home creating more space inside while looking gorgeous from the outside. They are three fixed or functional windows connected at 30 or 45 degree angles.Bow Windows are a series of windows connected at 10 or 15 degree angles to create a beautiful curve that offers a wide, remarkable view. They'll make any living area look inviting and picturesque.

Slim Fixed Window are narrow, do not open and come in a wide range of configurations to add a unique and modern look to your home while still being structurally sound.

Sliding Windows are perfect for the sides of homes or for small rooms. They apply a pleasant look, adequate functionality and come in an array of distinctive styles. The glass moves within the frame and has an easy to clean screen.

ARCHITECTURAL SHAPES                     PATIO DOORS                              ENTRY DOORS

For windows, we put in everything from Casement, Casement Fixed, Slim Fixed,  Awning and Sliding to Hung, Bay and Bow from Windowcity that are sure to make your house look stunning.